Video: Usain Bolt Races Owen Wilson And James Corden In The CBS Parking Lot

Ever wonder how you'd stack up against an Olympian? James Corden and the crew of The Late Late Show found out this week when they raced Jamaica's legendary track star Usain Bolt in the CBS parking lot. And the results were exactly what you'd expect. Bolt coasted to an easy victory while Corden found solace in placing just outside the event's top 15.

However, Owen Wilson - who joined the competition - didn't take the loss so well. 

"I got cocky," the crestfallen actor said after the race.

"I'm not going to make excuses. I just flew in from Europe. You know, jet-lagged, nursing a bit of a cold. But you know, I got to tip my hat to [Usain]."

Bolt, meanwhile, relished the victory, striking his signature celebration pose following the race. Check out the complete event and scroll down to see some other highlights from this week in late night talkshows.

2. Trump Conspiracy Theories

Owen Wilson wasn't the only sore loser this week. Some Donald Trump supporters rabidly defended their candidate this week after polls reported that Hillary Clinton won the first the first presidential debate. But instead of pointing out that The Donald got some good jabs in the verbal sparring with Clinton, conspiracy theorists are saying the debate was rigged.

Stephen Colbert profiled the conspiracies, which involve allegations that Clinton and moderator Lester Holt had signals to help her zing Trump. And that she wore a cough-suppressing machine to keep her from fuelling more speculation about her health.

"It's Apple's new hip-mounted iron lung," Colbert quipped during a Late Show monologue, which busted the myths - including Trump's own claim that Google is suppressing news that casts Clinton in a negative light.

3. Who is Gary Johnson?

Trump might not like his post-debate coverage. But at least people know who he is. The same can't be said about Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Jimmy Kimmel Live! took to the streets this week to ask passersby if they knew who America's third option for commander-in-chief is. The best guess? One guy said, "It's like a mix between Gary Coleman and Magic Johnson."

4. Sting's First Textual Experience

The former Police frontman stopped by The Tonight Show this week for a duet with host Jimmy Fallon. The two sang text exchanges between guys looking to hook up with girls who weren't having it. 

Sting usually comes across as suave, so it was surprising to see him striking out - especially when the texter he impersonated was foiled by autocorrect. "I know this is weird because I've been friends with your boobs for such a long time, but I really like you," Sting sang. "BROS! I've been friends with your BROS!"


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