John Oliver Says We Should Blame Congress For Enabling Trump's Scandals

If you're frustrated with the non-stop scandals and controversies coming from President Donald Trump's White House, it's time to stop blaming the president and start blaming the people who enable him: Congress. That's the message John Oliver had for viewers on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, which addressed the firing of FBI Director James Comey and Trump's bizarre threat following Comey's dismissal.

"Tweets like that are actually really difficult to parse," Oliver confessed, "because they are both a borderline obstruction of justice, and the meaningless rantings of a confused old idiot. They exist in two opposite states simultaneously. Trump is truly a Schrödinger's asshole." 

But Oliver does know that it's time to Congress to step up and do something about this mess. 

"It is too easy to point at Trump being crazy. That's what he does. That is not going to stop. And it's going to be exhausting for everyone. The important question is, 'What do the rest of us do?' And that brings us to Congress...It is time for each and every one of them to pick a lane here. They do have options," Oliver said before going over things Congress could do to address the situation.

But the one thing they can't do is pretend it isn't their problem. Standing up to Trump isn't a partisan issue, Oliver argued. It's part of the job outlined for them by the founding fathers. 

"The founding fathers created a system of checks and balances to limit the power of the president. But it only works if someone fucking checks and balances. And if you don't, it's no longer on Trump. It's on you. Because when you've got the presidential equivalent of a 5 year old shitting on the salad bar of a Ruby Tuesday, at some point, you stop blaming the five-year-old and you start blaming the people who are not stopping him." 



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