The Last Blockbuster Store Has the Funniest Twitter Account

For anyone below the age of 20, the idea of a store where people paid money to rent movies seems as ancient as the barter system. But before Netflix and streaming sites, that's what people had to do. In fact, there was even a store known as "Blockbuster" which built a video rental empire that spanned across the United States.

However, Blockbuster failed to innovate and went bankrupt several years ago. But that doesn't mean they're all gone. According to the Washington Post, there are at least 10 physical Blockbuster stores operating in the United States. But only one of them has an epic Twitter account.

A Twitter account called @loneblockbuster claims to be the last Blockbuster store. They're located between 3rd and Main in the Oak Lawn Shopping Center. You know where that is, right? While it may be incredibly difficult to find this Blockbuster, they have plenty of excellent tweets to entertain you in case you can't locate them to rent Ace Ventura.

If Blockbuster had embraced social media like this earlier, we'd probably never heard of Netflix. But then we wouldn't have Stranger Things, so it's probably for the best.


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