Las Vegas Dispensary Introduces 'Black Market Killer' Cannabis Brand

The black market for cannabis is still alive even in states with legalized recreational marijuana. But one Las Vegas dispensary is hoping to introduce a new cannabis brand that will kill off the black market once and for all.

Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas recently introduced their new cannabis brand called "Black Market Killer." The Black Market Killer (also known as BMK) is a low cost strain of cannabis that Acres hopes will convince people to no longer purchase marijuana illegally. Acres grows BMK outdoors in the sun, not in an indoors facility, which they say allows them to sell it for $25 per one-eighth ounce. After taxes, that may be slightly more than people could purchase on the black market, but Acres says their products are safer to use.

“After taxes, BMK might be slightly higher than the black market stuff," says Acres CEO John Mueller. "But our cannabis is government approved and stringently tested for purity. It won’t contain e-coli or salmonella like the black market pot sometimes does. The idea is to put out a product that eliminates poop-weed, as we call it.”

Acres also recently purchased a billboard in Las Vegas that tells people to, "Ditch your dealer, stop into a dispensary."

acres cannabis billboard

While one low-cost marijuana strain will probably not be enough to kill the black market, perhaps it will inspire other cannabis companies to create similar products that will eventually lead to the end of the black market.

(h/t New York Post)


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