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Las Vegas Could Soon Allow Marijuana Lounges for Tourists

Ever since Nevada legalized recreational marijuana sales last July, many have wondered how the state's many tourists would be able to enjoy their legal cannabis. And it appears the city of Las Vegas is close to solving that problem.

Las Vegas officials say they're close to instituting new laws to allow marijuana consumption venues. Vegas receives around 42 million tourists every year, however those visitors have had no way to enjoy the state's newly legal marijuana industry since public consumption is still illegal and casinos and hotels don't allow guests to use the drug either. But the new marijuana lounges may fix that.

Lounge owners would need to undergo a background check, pay a $5,000 annual, have 24/7 surveillance and be located at least 1,000 feet away from any schools. The businesses would also be banned from selling marijuana or hard alcohol.

The full regulations aren't fully figured out yet. The original proposal said employees at the marijuana lounges could not be intoxicated on any substances, but many pointed out that exposure to secondhand cannabis smoke could lead to intoxication.

But obviously these new laws would be a huge win for Las Vegas. Not only would tourists be able to contribute to the state's newly legal cannabis industry, but it could also help attract new visitors to the city who want something a little different from their marijuana vacations than Colorado or Oregon.

(h/t Las Vegas Review-Journal)


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