Larry King's Best Marijuana Moments

Peabody Award winning journalist and talkshow host Larry King has been covering stories for over 60 years. So it's not surprising that King - who turns 83 today - has covered every topic, even cannabis. In fact, he supports legalization and used to have a joint now and then back in the day.

Here are his very best marijuana moments.

Putting Cops on the Pot Seat

Don't let the suspenders fool you. Larry King is hip about marijuana. During a Huff Post Live interview, the longtime talkshow host said that he's always supported cannabis legalization. And he thinks it will become a reality in America.

He also shared a telling anecdote about attitudes toward cannabis.

While covering a police convention, King once put a panel of police chiefs on the hot seat by asking them a tough legalization question. "The question I raised was, 'If neither one was legal - marijuana or liquor. And you could only legalize one, what would you legalize?' And they all answered at the same time, 'Marijuana.'"

He explains why in this clip.

Splitting a Brownie With Conan O'Brien

King not only supports legalization, he also used to smoke cannabis. In 2014, King told Conan O'Brien that he gave up joints as well as cigarettes in the 80s after suffering a heart attack. Conan thought that was a shame, so he offered his guest a pot brownie, which King split with Conan and his co-host Andy Richter.

Sparking Up on Live TV

Larry King shocked viewers in 1988 when he encouraged one of his guests to smoke a joint live on CNN. The guest was Robert Randall, America's first medical marijuana patient. In 1976, Randall was granted permission from a district court to use cannabis as treatment for his glaucoma. King wanted an on-air demonstration for the audience.

Less than a minute into the interview, the host held up a joint and said, “You could smoke it now, legally. Do it for me.”

Without hesitation, Randall took the joint and King lit for him. The two seemed almost giddy about breaking America's cannabis taboo on TV.

Morgan Freeman and Pot Pickiness

Robert Randall isn't the only famous medical marijuana patient that Larry King has interviewed. Last March, he sat down with Morgan Freeman, who smokes cannabis to treat his fibromyalgia. And he told King he doesn't really has preferences; he's happy to smoke whatever's around. "I'm not much of a connoisseur, so I don't know what strains are," he admitted.

Later on, Freeman made his case for legalization. "They can't continue to say that it's a dangerous drug when it's safer than alcohol," he said.

Trading Places with Snoop

Larry King has interviewed a lot of celebrities over the years. But his unlikely bromance with Snoop Dogg stands out among the rest. The Doggfather has stopped by King's shows many times over the years, and King once stopped by Snoop's GGN webseries. And aside from having to wave away the plumes of cannabis smoke filling the studio, Larry had a good time.

The two talked about show business, swapped clothes and even wrote rhymes at one point. "I'm better than you," he said at one point after finishing Snoop's lyric. 

Here's the full NSFW clip.


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