Sex Sells And Larry Flynt Hopes Cannabis Does Too

Larry Flynt - the infamous founder of [NSFW] Hustler magazine - is getting into the cannabis business. On Mar. 25, Pineapple Express - a company specializing in helping cannabis companies expand and brand their businesses - announced that Flynt had invested $100,000 in the Los Angeles based firm.

The marijuana firm's CEO Matthew Feinstein calls Flynt a "world renowned defender of First Amendment rights" (in reference to the porn mogul's Supreme Court victory over Reverend Jerry Falwell in 1988).

"Knowing that Mr. Flynt has made an investment in our company provides impetus for everyone at headquarters to surpass expectations and deliver excellent results," said Feinstein in a company statement.

Flynt is a longtime legalisation advocate

The investment could pay off quickly as the marijuana is projected to be a $23-billion industry in America by 2020. But Flynt showed interest in cannabis before those projections came out. As Susannah Breslin of Forbes noted, the infamous publisher has been a marijuana advocate since 2012, when he released a statement endorsing legalisation and condemning America's pharmaceutical, alcohol and prison industries for allegedly backing cannabis prohibition because marijuana would cut into their bottom lines.

"Pharmaceutical companies don't want people turning to pot for pain relief because it means they'll be spending less on prescription pills," said Larry Flynt. "The alcohol industry doesn't want the competition, either. With mounting scientific evidence that pot is safer than alcohol, legal marijuana would clearly put a major dent in the booze business' profits. Private, for-profit prisons only make money if they're full, and that means locking up weed growers and pot smokers."

You could call Flynt's investment a case of life imitating art. In 1996, actor and outspoken marijuana advocate Woody Harrelson portrayed the porn mogul in "The People vs. Larry Flynt." Now Flynt appears to be stealing a page from Harrelson's playbook by getting into the marijuana industry.

h/t USA Today, Forbes, Toronto Sun, NPR

Banner Image: Nathan Rupert / Flickr


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