Larry David Has A Bad Trip On 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Larry David - the co-creator of Seinfeld (1989-1998) and creator/star of Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-present) - isn't a fan of marijuana. During a 2011 interview with, he compared cannabis to a bad golf game. "A bad round is like marijuana. You're stoned, not having fun, but at least you know the suffering will soon be over," said David - who turns 69 today.

But he did feature marijuana once on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." In the season four episode, The Car Pool Lane (2004), David wants to help his father (Shelley Berman), who struggles with glaucoma. So he hits the streets to score some pot for his dad. And the exchange he has with a random street dealer goes about as well as you'd expect.

"Hydroponic?" a baffled David says when the dealer goes over his wares. "I'm not looking for a sound system, my friend." And when the dealer offers an ounce of schwag for $200, David unadvisedly tries haggling. "Is that a fair price you're quoting me, sir?"

Things go more smoothly when David - accompanied by a prostitute he's hired so that he can drive in the carpool lane - brings the "eye medicine" to his dad, who not only gets over his reservations about marijuana but begins pioneering Yiddish ebonics with Monena the prostitute (Kym Whitley).

But things don't go so well for David, whose high slips into one of those introspective nightmares where you're silent on the outside but weathering a storm of panicky thoughts on the inside. To dramatize the feeling, David slips into the bathroom and yells at himself in the mirror like Gollum in Return of the King (2003). Check out David yelling at himself for eating red meat, putting off his colonoscopy and watching too much TV. "Read a fucking book," he screams.

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Adrienne, a budtender at the Higher Path Collective in Los Angeles, is used to dealing with customers who might be too high. Whether they come into the dispensary confused about what they want to buy, or they're calling in when they eat too much of an edible, Adrienne knows just what to say to help them calm down. A word of advice: Never eat the whole edible, if you're not sure how it will affect you.

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