15 Biggest U.S. Cities That Will Have Legalized Marijuana in 2018

2018 is only a few short days away, which means several states will be instituting new marijuana laws. If you’re looking to make a move some time in the new year, here are the 15 largest cities in America that will have legalized marijuana at some point in 2018.

Unsurprisingly, most of these cities are in California.

15. Bakersfield, California

Population: 376,380

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

14. Oakland, California

Population: 420,005

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

13. Long Beach, California

Population: 470,130

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

12. Sacramento, California

Population: 495,234

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

11. Fresno, California

Population: 522,053

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Population: 632,912

Status: Currently Legal

9. Portland, Oregon

Population: 639,863

Status: Currently Legal

8. Boston, Massachusetts

Population: 673,184

Status: Legal Starting July 2018

7. Washington D.C.

Population: 681,170

Status: Currently Legal

6. Denver, Colorado

Population: 693,060

Status: Currently Legal

5. Seattle, Washington

Population: 704,352

Status: Currently Legal

4. San Francisco, California

Population: 870,887

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

3. San Jose, California

Population: 1,025,350

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

2. San Diego, California

Population: 1,406,630

Status: Legal Starting January 1st

1. Los Angeles, California

Population: 3,976,322

Status: Legal Starting January 1st


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