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Cannabis Learn Is the Largest Cross-Institutional Gathering of Cannabis Researchers

Interested in the medical benefits of cannabis? Then you'll want to turn your attention to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On April 30, Greenhouse Ventures, a cannabis business accelerator, will launch the inaugural Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting trends in the hemp and cannabis industry is medical research. Every day countless cannabinoid-based therapies and treatments are being discovered, and all across the United States the race is on to stake a claim in this potentially billion dollar sub-industry.

“The Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo is key to establishing Pennsylvania as the Cannabis and Hemp Research Capital in the United States” says Greenhouse Ventures CEO, Kevin Provost. “However, we need cross-institution collaboration between our colleges here and experts within key markets such as Israel, Canada, California, and Colorado to truly lead in areas of research and health education.”

Billed as the “largest gathering of universities and researchers in the study of marijuana and hemp,” the three day event will bring together some of the world's most foremost experts in cannabis and hemp research to discuss the future of cannabinoid-based medicine and technological innovation.

The Cannabis Learn Conference will feature presentations from over 50 hemp and cannabis professionals and researchers from esteemed educational institutes such as Thomas Jefferson University, University of Colorado, Temple University, University of New Mexico, University of Florida, University of Virginia, and University of the Sciences.

Presentations will include topics such as using cannabis to solve the opioid crisis, pain management, synthetic cannabinoids, cannabis for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, pharmacological advances, as well as a discussion panel hosted by Industry Power Women (IPW).

The Women Shaping the Cannabis Industry panel by IPW will include some of the cannabis industry's leading women. This panel will be moderated by Debra Borchardt and will feature Emily Paxhia, Cynthia Salarizadeh, Tahira Rehmatullah, and Adelia Carrillo.

Additionally, the conference will provide updates on risks and opportunities in the international cannabis market; covering vital topics impacting international standards such as packaging, lab testing, product consistency, equipment maintenance, environmental impact, data reporting, security and compliance.

Scheduled to take place during Philly Tech Week 2018, the Cannabis Learn Conference hopes to leverage the massive interest in technology commercialization to help give cannabis and hemp operators valuable targeted insight into the regulatory, business, and investment land.

“Industry professionals have been operating in ‘information silos’ for far too long,” said Matthew J. Nordgren, CEO of the cannabis-focused investment group ARCADIAN Fund. “I'm excited to speak at the Cannabis Learn Conference & Expo because it’s an opportunity to unite these silos by bringing together key stakeholders to share important and relevant information.”

Tickets to the Cannabis Learn Conference are currently on sale, with limited number early-bird tickets available until March 15, 2018. For more information, please visit


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