6 Ways To Land A Job In The Weed Industry

So, you want to break into the legal marijuana industry? So does everyone, even those who don't consume cannabis products. Following these tips might set you apart from the thousands of other applicants for that sweet, cannabis-gig you're coveting.

Be professional


Everyone might be dressed in ripped jeans and hoodies, but that doesn't mean you can act like a yahoo. It's important for people in a growing, yet still-stigmatized industry to defy stereotypes and bring their A-game. Come prepared to discuss relevant certifications, academic qualifications and experience.

Think about your existing network


Most people get a foot in the industry because of who they know. When you're attending cannabis industry events, classes, and conferences, take note of who's there. Talk to people, make an impression, bring business cards, and reach out.

Don't expect to start at the top


People with great careers often get their start in unglamorous, lower-level positions like trimming. The rapidly growing and changing nature of the cannabis industry often means unexpected opportunities to move up the ladder.

Be willing to relocate


Obviously, you're going to find it easier to make contacts in weed-friendly Colorado than super-strict Oklahoma. More and more people are opting to go where the work is. Stay on top of the law, on which your job may depend. Legislation and regulations are always evolving, and vary from state to state.

Think outside the box


No matter where you live, new opportunities in ancillary businesses like water filtration, packaging, manufacturing and design are a facet of the cannabis industry. As High Times has reported, the top 5 in-demand skills in the legal cannabis industry are:

1. Sales and marketing
2. Administrative
3. Dispensary-related
4. Medical
5. Manufacturing/growing/edibles

You may already have the skills you need.

Proceed with caution


As in any new and rapidly-evolving industry, scammers are cropping up as rapidly as new opportunities. Try to get numerous perspectives on any company you want to work for, if possible talking to former employees. Get any offer in writing. Do your homework.

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