Lake Bell Wants To Be A Leader in Hollywood's Marijuana Movement

Lake Bell is a talented actress, writer and director who's appeared in tons of great TV shows and movies. But she may soon also be Hollywood's leader in the marijuana movement.

Bell recently appeared on the cover of Ember, a magazine created by the cannabis company MedMen alongside the fashion magazine Paper. The magazine said Bell has a "new starring role at the center of L.A.’s cannabis renaissance." 

And the magazine isn't just blowing smoke either. Bell's husband, tattoo artist Scott Campbell, recently started his own brand of vaporizers and edibles. And she recently moderated a panel about cannabis at a health summit hosted by fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Bell also said that Hollywood's attitude towards marijuana has shifted in the recent months since legalization began in California. She said in the past people kind of kept their cannabis use secret, but now they're more open about it.

"Yeah, it used to be so sneaky and hush-hush. We grow plants at our home and our kids play around them. They call them 'the weedies,' and we water them just like we water the tomatoes. It’s very normalized in our home," Bell said. "On top of it, when we go to birthday or dinner parties, we don’t bring a bottle of wine, we bring Beboe (Bell's husband's cannabis products). It’s a nice housewarming gift and you’re always the most popular."

Someone should name a marijuana strain Lake Bell, although that sounds like it already exists.

(h/t Hollywood Reporter)


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