The Pros and Cons of Edibles, According to Edibles Company Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch hopes to make its consumers healthier and happier by crafting the world’s best edibles. To create the best cannabis products, Kushy Punch uses the highest quality locally grown flower, the finest ingredients, and the safest cooking methods. Professional confectionery chefs make each edible without using any chemicals, but rather all-natural handmade organic lemon extract, which is found in every product. Their line of medicated gummies comes in six different varieties and potencies, which includes sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD, which have up to 200 milligrams of THC.

Recover is a Kushy Punch Super Potent Gummy Formula, which contains 60 milligrams of THC and 30 milligrams of CBD. This particular variety is popular among athletes, MMA fighters, and consumers who exercise because it helps with clarity, focus, mood, and social anxiety. Another popular gummy flavor is TKO, which just as the name suggests, is a technical knockout with 200 milligrams of THC. Kushy Punch recommends TKO for experienced users with a high tolerance and severe pain, because the gummy contains a high dosage of medical marijuana. In the same way that users can purchase flower, by choosing a particular strain and amount, Kushy Punch hopes to offer similar choices with its variety of flavors.


Before Nikki Furrer was a cannabis writer and professional, she had another dream job: owning an independent bookstore. While she says her business venture as a bookseller was ultimately untenable, it did open her eyes to how much she enjoys “matching the reader to the exact book they’re craving.” This zest for matchmaking is evident in her book 'A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis.' As the title suggests, 'A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis' is for women who are curious about cannabis. A more appropriate title, however, might have been a 'A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis.' Though Furrer touches on applications for the plant that are specific to women—relief of menstrual pain or beauty (though her belief that cannabis is a beauty product because it makes you appear more well-rested seems relevant to both men and women—much of the information in the book is relevant to anyone who is totally inexperienced with cannabis, apprehensive about trying it and needs a run down of the basics.

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