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KushKards CEO Lauren Miele: 'Most Of My Cards Are Inspired By Someone I’ve Smoked With'

Lauren Miele is the CEO and Founder of KushKards, a colorful and clever line of greeting cards for cannabis enthusiasts. She recently spoke with us about how KushKards came to be, what she thinks the future holds for the marijuana industry and why she'll never try edibles again.

How did KushKards come about?

It started as a DIY gift for a friend. During the Christmas of 2013, I was on the 1 train in New York heading to work when I got the idea to attach a blunt to a card for a guy I was seeing. Then I decided to put my design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology to use by taking matchbooks from New York City restaurants and constructing the first prototypes for KushKards. Each KushKard comes with a unique spot to insert a pre-rolled blunt or joint and a match striker. 

KushKards Assorted 3

What's the biggest misconception about the marijuana industry?

The biggest misconception about the cannabis Industry is the perspective of cannabis being a drug rather than a medicine. After moving from a non-legal market (New York) to a recreational state (Colorado), I see the misconceptions that cannabis has on different geographical locations. Where most see it as a harmful substance, I see it as an herbal plant that can produce hemp, terpenes and CBD. Hemp can be transformed into clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, and more. It’s incredibly versatile.

What is one change you'd like to see happen in the cannabis industry?

I would like to see more opportunity in legal states for cannabis consumption at events and in public places, as well as an increase in the overall acceptance of cannabis. In Colorado, there are limited venues that allow you to consume. If we are in a recreational state, why can’t we act like marijuana is legal wherever we go?


What's your perfect setting to consume (place, music, food, etc.)?

My perfect setting to consume looks like a sesh with my canna-connoisseurs with the right music. I like to let high vibes fill the room with positive energy. When I’m around the right people, I feel comfortable and I can be my true self. My favorite part about sharing those high vibes are when everyone in the sesh starts throwing out KushKard High-Deas. Most of the cards in my collection are inspired by someone I’ve smoked with. 

KushKards Assorted

What is your go-to munchie?

My go-to munchie is a cookies-and-cream chocolate bar or chips. Anything with a crunch makes me munch! I have recently switched my munchie game up to cold grapes. They give the same crunch but are a much healthier option. Other fruits I enjoy are cherries and watermelon.

What's your favorite (and least favorite) way to consume cannabis?

My favorite way to consume is smoking a joint. Growing up on the east coast, this was one of our only options and I love it! There’s nothing like breaking up, rolling it up, and taking a puff. Blunts were my preferred favorite, however over the years I prefer Raw cones because they’re ready to be packed and lit!

My least favorite way to consume is by vape. I do not like the oil smell or aftertaste. I like to see the ganja green while I am burning it. Vaping always seems to give me a different high that doesn’t seem to last as long. When most people smoke a vape due to limited options for consuming in public, I turn the corner and light the J – the KushKard Way!

KushKards LetsGetStuffed 01

Name something that you've tried once but won't ever try again.

I’m not a fan of edibles. Edibles give me a rush, but then it makes me crash. When I digest the edible, it becomes a body high. I’d rather enjoy an uplifting steady head high. My first edible consumption was when I was in Amsterdam. A friend and I split a muffin and within the first 30 minutes we felt nothing and decided to go half on another. This led to overconsumption and it wasn’t a pleasant night. Let’s just say my face turned green. I ran back to my hostel and the night was over.  

KushKards DANK YOU


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