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This Spice In Your Kitchen Is Deadlier Than Marijuana

Opponents of cannabis legalization have preached the supposed perils of marijuana (a.k.a. the devil's lettuce) for decades. But it turns out that you have more to fear from your spice rack than a joint. Yes, there's a killer lurking among the salt and pepper shakers, and chances are, you're sprinkling it in your oatmeal cookie batter.

Nutmeg might look innocent when you add just a pinch to a recipe, but eating too much of the toxic spice can lead to nausea, vomiting, convulsions, agitation, hallucinations and even death. And too much isn't that much, it turns out. As little as 2-3 teaspoons of nutmeg can be fatal.

That means a 47 gram shaker that you can buy at Walmart contains enough nutmeg to kill about 4 people. Meanwhile, marijuana has never caused a fatal overdose - ever.

So instead of worrying about joints, be careful when your sprinkling the popular eggnog topper next Christmas or you might not live to see another New Year. And whatever you do, never smoke nutmeg and oregano or you'll turn into a serial killer (or so the 90s stoner slasher flick 'Idle Hands' has led us to believe).


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