'Kimmel' Convinces Way Too Many People That Michigan’s New Senator is Kid Rock

In the latest edition of their segment “Lie Witness News,” producers of Jimmy Kimmel Live were able to convince people outside of his studio that country rocker/rapper Kid Rock was elected to be the Michigan’s new senator in the midterm elections.

Thankfully, he wasn’t. Instead, the democrat Gretchen Whitmer was elected to the position, a candidate who has promised to forgive old marijuana crimes as early next year. The state also voted to legalize recreational use of cannabis that same day.

Still, those interviewed in the segment seemed unfazed by the news, buying it completely. This time, however, we can kind of see why people are so quick to believe it. Kid Rock had actually announced his bid for the position months ago, before quickly walking it back, proving that, in the end, it was little more than a publicity stunt.

Given the current state of politics, the notion of “Senator” Kid Rock becoming a reality is not altogether that hard to believe. After all, not only is a reality TV star currently the President of the United States, but just yesterday it was announced that Nevada had elected to give a dead pimp a seat in the state assembly.

Yes, this is probably still better than the self-proclaimed “devil without a cause” taking office, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility just yet.

Watch the people’s reaction to the “news” in the clip below.


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