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Kim Jong-Un Teaches Americans a New Word After Calling President Trump a 'Dotard'

For the past few months, the United States and North Korea have engaged in a predictable behavior pattern. North Korea will conduct a missile launch or weapons test, the United States and President Trump will respond with a statement and then the Koreans respond to that statement. And then two weeks later we repeat the process. We're in the middle of one of those patterns now, but this time Americans received a little something extra in the form of a grammar lesson from Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea, made a statement yesterday in response to President Trump's comments about him made at the United Nations. While most of the speech was pretty boilerplate from past ones, he did spice this one up by calling Trump a "dotard."

If you think that Kim misspoke, you'd be wrong. Dotard is an actual english word meaning an old person who's becoming senile. You're not alone in not realizing "dotard" is an actual word. The New York Times says they've only used the word in their newspapers 10 times since 1980, which is crazy considering they put out a full paper every single day. The word also doesn't appear much in literature, though Herman Melville used the word in a poem about a shark and William Shakespeare included it in a line from Much Ado About Nothing.

Social media obviously had a field day with Kim calling Trump a dotard.

If you're wondering how Kim Jong-Un was able to pull out a word very few Americans know for his speech, a reporter from the Associated Press says that during her time in North Korea, she saw many government officials using old Korean-to-English dictionaries.

It doesn't seem like Donald Trump thought it was that amusing.


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