Killer Mike Got High to Watch His Own Netflix Show

Some shows are just better when high. This holds true even if the show happens to be your own.

In a recent appearance on The Late Show to promote his new Netflix docuseries, 'Trigger Warning,' rapper Killer Mike sat down with Stephen Colbert and discussed getting stoned while previewing the series for the first time.

"My wife had a bunch of our friends and a bunch of teenagers over, watched it, they seemed to like it," he said. "Then we sent the teenagers away, smoked marijuana, and watched it again."

He admitted it was a little funnier while sober, saying that while high "everyone went to sleep—but we woke up laughing."

To see the Run The Jewels member share a bottle of Crip-a-Cola with Colbert and explain how Atlanta is the "black Nashville," watch the full interview below.


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