Throw This Kickstarter a Bone

Many people would believe that the U.S. election campaign is going to the dogs. One company is taking that literally.

These are Boneheads, a bipartisan coalition of dog treats shaped like presidential candidates.

Produced by the wonderfully-named Funproductive, the treats are made from real ingredients and are available in five "flavors": Christie, Jeb!, Donald, Hillary and Cruz.

The Kickstarter is seeking backers, and is open until October 15.


Lots of people enjoy unwinding with a joint after a hard day's work, but for Perry Farrell, getting high is just another part of his job as a rock singer. The frontman of the alternative rock group Jane's Addiction likens the role of the musician to a shaman, whose job is to explore altered states of consciousness. "When you're going out there [onstage] as a shaman - as a witch doctor, you need to step into the fifth dimension," Farrell told Pitchfork in the latest edition of their 'Over/Under' series.

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