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Khloe Kardashian Seen With Joint On Reality TV Show

Star of the hit reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK), Khloe Kardashian, was seen on the most recent episode holding what appeared to be a marijuana joint. The scene, shot while the family was on holiday in Costa Rica, show Khloe in a warm embrace with the ex-boyfriend of her sister, Kourtney, with what looked like a joint in her left hand.

Khloe hugs Disick while holding a joint

32-year-old Khloe, who is known to be anti-smoking, was seen hugging her sister's ex, Scot Disick, after a heated family argument while holding the joint. According to celebrity news site, TMZ, sources from the show have admitted that the star was holding marijuana in the scene, and that it was not a big issue for them since the whole issue was "natural". The news site reported that she was "having a good time with family in Costa Rica, where ganja sometimes happens".

The scene from the show, KUWTK, has overshadowed the fact that she was hugging her sister's ex-boyfriend in what was described as an "enthusiastic embrace".

Not illegal in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a decriminalized status for recreational use of marijuana, and it is freely available in most local cafes and bars. The news has come at a time when only eight states in the U.S. are allowing personal recreational use of the plant, and has had more impact on the show's viewers than the hug with Kourtney's ex.

Seen previously with a suspicious smoke

This is not the first time the controversial star has caused a stir with her "smoking" pot. In 2014, she was caught on film in a nightclub smoking what looked to be a joint, with her then-lover, The Game. She was spotted in the nightclub getting very close to the rap star and self-confessed "weed enthusiast", whose real name is Jayceon Taylor. In one photograph from that event, she was seen standing behind Taylor shaking her "booty" Miley Cyrus style.

However, her spokesperson at the time made a statement saying that Khloe did not smoke cigarettes or pot. They spokesperson claimed that the cigarette-looking stick was actually a Hookah stick, which contained no pot or tobacco. Hookah sticks are known to be tobacco free, and are known in Hollywood as "Phantom Smoke".

Husband is a reformed addict

In addition, Khloe has had a history of being connected to drugs and drug abusers. Her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, was confined in hospital in October 2016 for a drug overdose, and Khloe has been seen as the driving force in keeping him off the drugs ever since. After years of putting up with his drug abuse throughout their entire marriage, this latest issue with her husband finally pushed them apart and him into rehab.

Cocaine possession during Miami radio show

And she has had her own share of drug-related scandals as well. In the radio show, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, she was caught bringing cocaine into the recording studio where they recorded the short-lived show. The reality star came under fire from production executives for her actions, which had a lot to do with the show finally being cancelled. In Ian Halperin's book, Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America's Royal Family, he tells all about the incident, which was part of the "troubled" time in Khloe's life.

In an excerpt from the book, Halperin writes, "During the segment in which she interviewed a ‘drug expert,' she revealed that one of her employees found coke in the changing room of the new store. She had stuck the drugs in her purse and she just happened to still have them on her." She then proceeded to mimic how cocaine addicts use the drug, making snorting sounds into the microphone. This caused the producers to lecture her on the impropriety of her actions, and the show was suspended while she was forced to take drug tests to prove she was not "high" during the broadcast.

Sister is subject of tell-all drug story

This has all come at a time when Scott Disick, the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney, has told tabloid newspapers he is ready to "tell all" about the pair's on-off relationship and alleges Kourtney has a history of "cocaine and cheating".


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