How Kevin Smith Challenged Himself To Break The Stoner Stereotype

Kevin Smith's 'View Askewniverse' is a haven for stereotypical burnouts like Jay and Silent Bob, who spend their days selling weed outside a convenience store. But the funny thing is that Smith -- who turns 46 today -- didn't smoke marijuana when he created this cinematic world. Now that he's a regular cannabis user, he spends much of his time breaking down the stigmas that his previous films have helped ingrain in pop culture.

Smith opened up about using cannabis during a 2013 interview on City TV's 'Breakfast Television.' When asked him how he kept up his productivity, the director said marijuana was the secret to managing an ambitious work schedule.

"I'm a massive stoner. Huge weed smoker," Kevin Smith said. "But one of the most productive I've ever known. Because I made a deal with myself when I started smoking weed around age 38, I said, if I just start smoking weed and crashing in front of the TV, then I uphold the stereotype....If you're ever gonna smoke, you have to be doing something productive or creative. That's the only deal I made. So light up all you want, but when you do, make sure you're recording a podcast, writing a movie, doing a TV show. So for the last three or four years, my productivity has gone through the roof because I want to smoke weed so badly."

He added that his marijuana role model was none other than Seth Rogen, who got Smith interested in cannabis while the two worked on Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008). "He's a stoner, but man he gets a lot done. And he kinda broke the stereotype for me. I remember after [making] that flick going home like, 'Rogen man, this kid's got it together. He's smart. He's constantly working. But he bakes. Maybe there's something to this.'" 

Since then, Smith has celebrated cannabis in his work -- including the upcoming TV movie Hollyweed, which follows the misadventures of two cannabis dispensary clerks. Here's a sneak peak.

Banner image: Kevin Smith speaking at VidCon 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, (Gage Skidmore / 


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