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Kevin Smith Shares First Look at the 'Jay and Silent Bob' Reboot

On Friday, director Kevin Smith posted the first in-character look at the new Jay and Silent Bob reboot to his Instagram.

The picture features both characters looking largely the same as you remember them. A little older and a little skinnier, maybe, but otherwise unchanged.

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Additionally, in a short video entitled “Road to Reboot: Chapter 1” posted to Smith’s YouTube channel this week, the cult-favorite director talks through the process of tech scouting – going to location to find out how best to shoot there.

Traditionally one of his least favorite parts of the filmmaking process, he says he’s found a new appreciation for it after his recent heart attack, as he feels that he’s just “happy to be here.”

“You want to make this movie so bad, you tech scout in a river of human shit, if you have to,” he told himself.

The video also features some new behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot, featuring Smith and co-star Jason Mewes, who plays Jay.

To see Jay and Bob location scouting locations for their new project at a New Orleans Airport, a courtroom, and other places they don’t belong, watch the full video below.


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