Kevin Smith Partners With Medical Marijuana Producer, Calls Stoners ‘A Dying Stereotype’

Silent Bob is speaking up about marijuana.

In an interview with Herb, writer/director/cannabis enthusiast Kevin Smith discussed his latest move: partnering with Canadian medical marijuana producer Beleave.

"The Beleave grow operation is astoundingly high-tech and incredibly efficient and their products are top notch. Every day, they’re reinventing what we think we know about medical marijuana through science and technology,” Smith said.

Moreover, Smith, who became a regular cannabis consumer late in life (after working with Seth Rogen) reflected on the cinematic stoner:

“The couch-surfing stoners you see in movies, even Jay & Silent Bob movies, are a dying stereotype,” said Smith. "Now we’re more educated on the benefits of cannabis and we know those benefits go well beyond simply getting ‘stoned.'”

Interestingly, Smith’s home state of New Jersey is now poised to legalize marijuana with the exit of longtime governor Chris Christie.

"I’m proud of my home state, even though legalization means Jay and Silent Bob are now out of a job.”

“Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs” - coming soon to a theatre near you?

h/t Herb


Former Donald Trump supporter and country singer Kraig Moss once counted himself among the president’s biggest supporters - until he felt "betrayed" by Trump's stance on drug policy. Throughout the 2016 election campaign, Moss could often be seen singing candidate Trump’s praises – literally. He would host impromptu concerts on the streets of Owego, New York, and produced a number of independently released CDs of songs supporting the future president.

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