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Kevin Smith Is Bringing Jay And Silent Bob Back To The Big Screen

Your favorite Quick Stop dimebag dealers are coming back to theaters. Yesterday, director -- and outspoken cannabis consumer -- Kevin Smith announced on Instagram that plans are in the works for a new Jay and Silent Bob movie. Smith has long been working on a third Clerks movie and a big-screen sequel to Mallrats movies without getting any traction.

Now Miramax -- the studio that made Smith famous in 1994 -- is interested in doing a reboot of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

But this isn't the typical cash-grab sort of reboot that we've seen recently (we're talking about you, 2017 reboot of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise). The new Jay and Silent Bob movie will satirize the reboot trend in Hollywood -- similar to how 22 Jump Street skewered the film industry's penchant for pointless sequels.

Here's how Smith describes his work-in-progress.

"'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' [is] a fun flick in which the Jersey boys have to go back to Hollywood to stop a brand new reboot of the old 'Bluntman & Chronic Movie' they hated so much. It's a tongue-in-cheek, silly-ass satire that pokes fun at the movie business's recent re-do obsession, featuring an all-star cast of cameos and familiar faces! And I already met with the good folks at Miramax and they're into it, so I'm hoping we'll be shooting in the summer!"

Hopefully the movie will contain a Good Will Hunting retread as a reboot-within-the-reboot.


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