Kevin Smith To Let The Audience Decide If His New 'Hollyweed' Web Show Continues

Although we probably won’t see 'Clerks 3' any time soon, Kevin Smith’s new "Hollyweed" project, a workplace comedy set in a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary, might scratch that same itch.
Smith has partnered with emerging media platform Rivit TV to post the free pilot episode onto their website and YouTube channel.  
The show, described as "'Clerks' in a Weed Store," sees Smith star alongside Donnell Rawlings ('Chappelle’s Show') as two friends working side-by-side selling marijuana in the heart of LA’s dream machine. In addition to his starring role, Smith will also be writing and directing the series.
The pilot was initially produced in 2016, but failed to drum up enough network interest to warrant a full season pick-up at the time. Under Rivit TV’s model, however, it is up to the audience whether or not the show will ultimately make it to series.
Pledges can range from $1.99 per episode up to $5.99. And based on those pledges, a decision will be made as to whether or not the show will make it to series. The pledges will not have to be honored unless the show meets its goal and is picked up for a full 6-episode season.

While Smith maintains a loyal fanbase of pop culture nerds and cannabis advocates alike, it remains to be seen if this audience will be willing to pay to see more of his on-screen antics.

You can watch the pilot episode of ‘Hollyweed’ below:



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