Kevin Smith To Donate Residuals From Weinstein Movies To Women In Film

Looking back on his decades-long professional relationship with Harvey Weinstein – who is now facing accusations of sexual harassment and assault from more than 50 women – Kevin Smith wishes he never got involved with the disgraced producer in the first place.

“My entire career is tied up with the man,” Smith recently said of Weinstein on his podcast, Hollywood Babble-On.

“I just wanted to make some fucking movies, that’s it….And no fucking movie is worth all this. Like, my entire career, fuck it, take it. It’s wrapped up in something really fucking horrible.”

Smith’s big Hollywood break came in the early 1990s when Miramax – the production company founded by Weinstein – purchased the distribution rights to his indie flick, Clerks. Since then, more than half of Smith’s 13 feature-length films have been produced by Weinstein, including Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Now, Smith says he’s planning to donate future residuals from movies backed by the Weinsteins and Miramax to Women in Films, a nonprofit organization that supports women filmmakers. Moreover, if the Weinstein Company shutters and the films themselves lose their value, Smith vowed to donate $2,000 a month for the rest of his life to Women in Film.

“I know it’s not my fault, but I didn’t fucking help,” Smith said on his podcast. “Because I sat out there talking about this man like he was a hero, like he was my friend.” He added, “I didn’t know the man that they keep talking about in the press. Clearly he exists, but that man never showed himself to me.”

Smith tweeted that he felt “ashamed” for profiting from a relationship with Weinstein when news of the allegations first broke.

h/t Vulture 


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