Snoop Dogg Left Kevin Hart 'High For Three Weeks' On The Set Of 'Soul Plane'

Standup sensation Kevin Hart has lived the dream of many a cannabis consumer. He's smoked up with Snoop Dogg - the marijuana icon who topped the list of celebrities that people want to split a joint with in Civilized's 2017 Cannabis Culture Poll

The incident happened around 2004, when Hart - than an up-and-coming comic -- starred in the stoner comedy 'Soul Plane' with Snoop, who played the acrophobic pilot Captain Mack. But Snoop had no problem getting high off camera, and he invited his cast mates to partake in his off-set smoking sessions.

"I'm not a drug guy," Hart told Stephen Colbert last night on 'The Late Show'. "But it's Snoop. I was like, 'This is a legendary moment. You've got to smoke with Snoop if you get the chance.' I want to say to my kids, 'Don't do drugs...but if you do do it, do it with Snoop. Quality, not quantity'."

And the quality of Snoop's stash left quite an impression on Hart. "I think I was high for three weeks," he added.

Check out the full interview here - including Hart getting upset when Colbert schooled him on Nelson Mandela.


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