Kentucky Republican Admits to Smoking Marijuana Instead of Taking Painkillers During Cancer Fight

Many people are opting to use marijuana as an alternative to dangerous prescription opioids, and it turns out one Kentucky politician admits he's one of those people.

Republican Kentucky State Senator Dan Seum told reporters yesterday that he smoked marijuana instead of taking prescription painkillers during his fight against colon cancer seven years ago. 

"They gave me that nice bottle of OxyContin. I threw it in the garbage can and went home and smoked a joint," Seum said.

Seum has introduced a bill to legalize recreational marijuana into the Kentucky Senate. He said he's not worried about admitting to illegally using marijuana, and he hopes his story will help build support for cannabis reform in the state.

"You know when I was a young man, if you could get a hold of Columbia Gold, you really had something, and nobody has died from it that I know of," Seum said. "Sometimes there is this little thing called unjust law, and that's what we've got when we put this thing as a Schedule I."

Kentucky Republicans have recently put together a bill to legalize medical marijuana for "debilitating illnesses and excruciating pain." Although it's not quite clear if the bill will have enough support from the state's politicians to pass. 

But we can guarantee there's one man who will definitely be voting in favor of it.

(h/t The Hill)


Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) isn't the most vocal cannabis advocate on the 2020 presidential campaign trail, but you shouldn't take that as a lack of support for marijuana legalization. Unlike many of the top contenders for the upcoming Democratic primaries, Ryan hasn't filed any of his own cannabis legalization bills.

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