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Kentucky Kills Medical Marijuana Bill Due to Law Enforcement Opposition

A few days ago, it seemed very likely that the state of Kentucky was on its way to legalizing medical marijuana. But after testimony from the state's law enforcement community, that effort appears to be dead.

Kentucky politicians on Wednesday voted to shelve a bill that would've legalized medical marijuana in the state. The decision came after a series of law enforcement officials testified at a legislative panel arguing against it. This came only one day after pro-medical marijuana supporters outlined how the state would handle the process.

Of course, the law enforcement officials used a series of anti-marijuana arguments that are almost entirely false. One sheriff said the decision would lead to more young people using the drug, even though everyone who would buy medical marijuana would need a prescription. Others warned the decision would "send the wrong message" that marijuana is a good thing. One official even questioned why the bill would allow patients to grow up to 12 cannabis plants at their own home, which he said would yield 12 pounds of marijuana.

“I just can’t imagine what disability you’d need 12 pounds of marijuana,” he said.

Clearly he doesn't understand that not all plants would have the same grow cycle, but I digress.

After the testimony from law enforcement, Kentucky legislators decided to shelve the bill. Even supposedly pro-medical marijuana representatives said they couldn't support the bill. Republican representative Jason Nemes had previously stated, “Who the heck do we think we are as a government to keep this away from people if it helps them." But then said he couldn't support the bill in its current form, although he didn't elaborate on why.

Once again, anti-marijuana lies and mistruths kill another legitimate effort to help people with medicinal cannabis.

(h/t Claims-Journal)


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