Kenan Thompson Reveals How Donald Trump Pissed Him Off Backstage at 'Saturday Night Live'

Over the last 40+ seasons, 'Saturday Night Live' has seen its fair share of difficult hosts, from notorious stick-in-the-mud Steven Seagal, to the horrendous antics of Chevy Chase, whose abusive behavior got him banned from 'SNL.' But for Kenan Thompson, one of the most difficult guests to work with was none other than President Donald Trump.

Back in 2015, then-candidate Trump hosted 'Saturday Night Live' for the second time. And there won't be a third if it's up to Thompson, who says Trump rubbed him the wrong way at a pivotal meeting. During a table read where the cast and host review the slate of prospective sketches, Trump made a major faux pas by interrupting the discussion to take a phone call.

"He’s a business guy, so if his phone rings, he’s like, 'Hello, business'," Thompson told Rolling Stone recently. "That sketch died in that moment. That’s so unfair for the writer, who might’ve been up all night trying to type that shit. To not recognize the effort that goes into it is pretty shitty."

Of course, we'd all probably sleep better at night if that was the shittiest thing Trump ever did in his ongoing legacy of shitty things.  

Thompson also opened up about why he needed to research prog rock to stick with the show, and how he became SNL's longest-tenured cast member by chance. Check it out here.


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