Finally We Know A Little About How Ken Bone Feels About Cannabis

Ken Bone is the red-sweater wearing hero America needed near the end of last Sunday's presidential debate. When he was called upon to ask his question about coal plants and the environment, America responded with love and admiration. Jimmy Kimmel responded by quickly booking him on his show for a short segment, but as the insatiable nation of KFC Double Down fame, America wants to know everything about this loveable debate mascot.

This lust for knowledge about Bone is evidenced in the response to his Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, which more than doubled the number of responses garnered by Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame, for example.

Bone responded to many queries yesterday, and showed an incredible amount of grace, humility, and good humor. For instance, when asked what Bone would be dressing up as for Halloween this year, he responded that he'd be going as Obi Wan Kenboni. Genius, right?

And his response to question about potential appearances and endorsements as a result of his new fame was equally endearing.

But of course, Civilized wanted to know about his opinion on one of this election's most pressing issues, cannabis. Five states have ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana, and another four are dealing with medical marijuana issues in their ballot questions. Bone didn't come right out with a full-fledged opinion on legalization, but he did give us some strong hints as to how he feels about the subject.

When asked if he would be taking Snoop Dogg up on an offer to hotbox, Bone explained that he would be unable to partake due to drug testing policies at his workplace. His family members, however, are apparently ready to carry the Bone name into a sesh with Snoop

Bone re-iterated his position and offered to meet with Snoop Dogg next week in Los Angeles when Snoop himself showed up in the AMA to ask for a hangout.

Reddit user svenhoek86 summed up the historic nature of this moment perfectly.

Some have even wondered why Bone himself doesn't run for president, and given his rapid rise to fame and his willingness to hook his own father up with a sesh, he seems to be an ideal candidate. Alas, he isn't yet eligible to hold the office.

Banner Image: Ken Bone asks a question at the second 2016 presidential town hall debate. (screenshot / Youtube)


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