Canadian Artists And Activists Launch 'Attack Ads' In The Form of Music Videos

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper hates you.

That's the message KDilla and The Rhyme Ministers are spreading via YouTube in a recent rap attack ad on Stephen Harper. The song speaks to the current Canadian federal election campaign, as well as the political climate in the U.S. In "Harper Hates You," the trio calls the PM "an obnoxious punk, worse than Donald Trump."

The track discusses everything from Harper's controversial anti-terror legislation, to the Senate scandal, the tar sands, missing and murdered indigenous women, the mistreatment of Canadian veterans, and the embattled prime minister's "old stock" debacle. It's rap with a social, environmental, and political conscience.

Hardly soft or overly cerebral, the lyrics include lines like, "He'll never get my vote; I'd rather slit my throat."

Have a listen:

It's not the first video of the campaign to critique Harper and his policies. An Ottawa civil servant produced a somewhat gentler attack ad featuring an older cohort of critics in the late summer.

On Sept. 28, Blue Rodeo joined the anti-Harper party by releasing the song "Stealing All My Dreams," which released included a video with a laundry list of objections to "little King Stevie," from pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol, deficits to the robocall scandal:

On Oct. 5, Canadian indie bands Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde teamed to record a sombre tune that laments the state of the nation and calls on listeners to take action and "fight for the land you love."

Are we picking on Harper? Let us know about other videos about U.S. or Canadian federal leaders. Twitter: @Civilized_LIfe

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