Over 300 Arrested At Kavanaugh Protest, Including Amy Schumer And Emily Ratajowski

Police on Washington’s Capital Hill arrested 302 protesters in the Hart Senate Office Building Atrium Thursday morning, after the large group held a peaceful rally against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Among those arrested were comedian Amy Schumer and actress/model Emily Ratajkowski. 

The protest was held to oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation over accusations of sexual assault and misconduct from three women. 

Photos and videos posted to show a large group of women demonstrating and asserting their belief in the accusers’ stories. One video featured Schumer being pushed forward by police beginning to round up protesters.

"Do you want to get arrested?" asks the cop.

"Yes," she replies, as she’s ushered into the rest of the group.

Since this is Amy Schumer, and the internet continues to be consistently awful to women, criticism of the star has been swift, with some claiming that this is a self-aggrandizing publicity stunt on her part, rather than a political stand.

Later in the day, Emily Ratajkowski posted an image with a statement confirming that she, too, had been arrested for protesting the nominee.

The US Senate is poised to make its final decision Friday as to whether or not they will advance Kavanaugh’s nomination.


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