Marijuana Company Says They've Created the 'Facebook for the Cannabis Ecosystem’

As the marijuana industry grows, it also becomes more complex and therefore more difficult for entrepreneurs to understand the ins-and-outs. But a new social media website hopes to solve some of those problems.

A company called Kannatopia announced the launch of its new platform that aims to help businesses engage with their target audience. Previously, the platform was meant for only individuals who participated in the cannabis market, but its been modified to allow businesses. Many marijuana businesses are at risk of being shut down or suspended on other social media sites, but Kannatopia will ensure that never happens. The company is calling the new platform the “Facebook For The Cannabis Ecosystem.”

Companies that are interested in joining Kannatopia are only allowed on an invite-only basis. Once they're accepted, they can create their own account and operate like on any other social media website. They can interact with potential customers, share posts and information and more to build a following around their brand.

While the cannabis industry is growing, Facebook, Google and Instagram have taken strong stances in censoring marijuana-themed content. Kannatopia says their platform is the first place on social media where cannabis companies can publicly promote themselves without fear of punishment.

(h/t Kannatopia)


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