Many prominent politicians have spoken out against Attorney General Jeff Sessions' marijuana policies in recent months, but now one possible 2020 presidential candidate is really coming out swinging.

Senator Kamala Harris is a Democrat representing the state of California. She's made several anti-Sessions statements in recent months after the Attorney General decided to rescind protections against states with legal marijuana, such as the one she represents. Recently, the senator tweeted out that Sessions should re-prioritize his policies to focus on cartels and not legal marijuana.

Many believe that Harris is a potential 2020 presidential candidate for the Democratic party. This has led some to accuse Harris of using anti-Sessions sentiment to attract attention and support from progressives who support marijuana legalization, without doing anything substantive on the issue. Harris, in fact, says that she actually does not support recreational marijuana legalization, although she does support protecting states that pass those laws.

Regardless of her true intentions, Harris' point still stands. Many experts believe that legalizing marijuana has made a major dent in the pockets of Mexican drug cartels, many of whom traffic illegal cannabis into the United States. But as more states provide legal pathways for cannabis, the reliance on cartel-provided black market marijuana decreases.

But yeah, let's just keep pretending that building a wall will somehow stop the cartels from doing anymore business.

(h/t Twitter)