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Kalogia: The LinkedIn Style Network Where Cannabis Professionals Connect

It didn’t take long for Simone Cimiluca-Radzins to learn that breaking into the cannabis industry was a task easier said than done.

Incidentally, it was this very realization that opened the door.

Cimiluca-Radzins founded Kalogia – a LinkedIn-esque platform that connects cannabis professionals around the world – in late 2014 after she herself experienced the challenges of networking in a growing yet still stigmatized industry.

“The cannabis consumer or professional is emerging and evolving every month… there’s a huge need among people to [find each other] and to find knowledge, [along with] just this basic need to connect,” said Cimiluca-Radzins, whose backgrounds include business strategy, finance, risk management.

Her interest in the cannabis industry was piqued when she moved to California and stumbled upon an article about the growing number of cannabis entrepreneurs. Shortly afterward, she found herself contributing to the foundation of an accounting firm specializing in cannabis, and soon enough, both Kalogia and a business strategy firm that Cimiluca-Radzins calls LIV Consulting were born.

In the roughly two years since the California-based Kalogia launched, Cimiluca-Radzins has watched registrations climb right alongside the burgeoning cannabis industry, with membership representing a diverse range of professionals, activists and entrepreneurs with one thing in common.

“A misconception about working in this industry is that you have to be a grower or an edible manufacturer, but this industry is emerging [into] just another economy,” said Cimiluca-Radzins. “People are trying to find the knowledge and the resources to make whatever their dream is possible.”

With five states voting on recreational use in the November election – Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, California and Maine – Cimiluca-Radzins is only expecting to see Kalogia membership continue to blossom from its now roughly 1,000 members.

“I think now is the perfect time [for Kalogia], with the election [less than] two months away,” said Cimiluca-Radzins. “I tell a lot of my clients that if you’re waiting to get into this industry when actual legalization and regulation hit, you’re a little bit too late. You definitely have to be ahead of the curve.”

Banner photo: Cimiluca-Radzins.


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