Justin Trudeau Says It Might Take a Year to Sort Out Canada's Cannabis Shortage

Ever since recreational cannabis was legalized for adult consumption across Canada in mid-October the industry has been struggling to meet demand. And that's not going to change anytime soon, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a recent interview, Trudeau admitted that the chronic cannabis supply shortages have been the biggest challenge the newly legalized industry has been facing. And while he was optimistic that the problem might be solved "during the coming months," he said that supply may take longer to level out — "perhaps this coming year."

Trudeau also noted that the shortages have been most noticeable in Ontario and Quebec. Things in those two provinces aren't likely to get much better in the short term either. When Ontario opens up their private cannabis retail sector in April, stock will likely become tight again as the new businesses vie for the country's extremely limited supply. Quebec, on the other hand, continues to be the province most resistant to cannabis legalization and has committed itself to making the substance as difficult as possible to obtain legally.

Quebec's plan to raise the legal purchase and consumption age of cannabis from 18 to 21 has previously been criticized by Trudeau as a bad decision that will put youth a risk. Trudeau says he still believes this.

"If young people aged 18 to 21 are forced to buy pot from criminals, it will not help us eliminate the black market," Trudeau said. Of course, not being able to match the black market's supply is the bigger problem in the short term.

So if you were hoping to get some cannabis stocking-stuffers this Christmas, you might wind up with an IOU from Santa instead.

H/T: Global News


'South Park' is well known for satirizing pretty much everything happening in current pop culture, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Last week, the popular adult cartoon released a satirical ad for their fictional cannabis brand, Tegridy Farms. The mock brand was originally introduced in a South Park episode that aired last October on the same day that Canada moved to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. The new Tegridy Farms ad takes shots at the current landscape of the cannabis industry by claiming that it's being run by "a bunch of young corporate banker types" who pretend to be interested in repairing the wrongs done by the War on Drugs, but they're really only interested in making "an easy buck for themselves." "Fuck those guys," says the video's narrator.

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