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Watch: Justin Trudeau Talks About His New Reputation As A 'Big Pothead'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked for his views on legalizing marijuana during an interview on an Edmonton radio station yesterday, and he began with his usual talking points about protecting kids and cracking down on criminal gangs. He also talked about consulting with the provinces, and examining the models in legal U.S. states before pressing ahead with a legal recreational market - again, all things he's talked about in previous interviews on the subject.

Then he showed the candor and good humor that he sometimes displayed when he spoke about marijuana before he was elected prime minister.

Near the end of the interview, 630 CHED host Ryan Jesperson asked Trudeau, "If and when marijuana is legal, will you smoke it?"

Trudeau answered the question with no hesitation.

"I'm not much of a smoker," said Trudeau. "I never have been, and actually it's funny. My friends tease me now that I was always the stick in the mud, and the straightest of all of them...when it came to drinking or drugs. Now I'm supposedly the big pothead, and it makes them laugh and it makes me laugh as well. But it's the responsible thing to do to respect people's choices. I've never been much of a substance taker."

The "aw shucks" nature of Trudeau's response belies his somewhat sophisticated understanding of cannabis culture (he jokes on 22 Minutes about hot boxing his parliamentary office, after all). But the Prime Minister nonetheless offers fresh insight into his personal attitude toward marijuana.

Here's the complete exchange on marijuana, beginning at the 10:24 mark of the interview:

h/t 630 CHED

banner image: Flickr / World Bank


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