Justin Trudeau Cautions Canadians About Crossing The Border Once Cannabis Is Legal

In a radio interview with CBC Manitoba, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cautioned Canadians about crossing the border once recreational cannabis is legalized.

"I certainly won’t work to assume or impress upon the U.S. who they have to let in or not. They have legalized marijuana in a number of their states and we’re trying to make sure that travel between our two countries is not disrupted," Trudeau said, but he didn't offer any advice to Canadians who get asked about their cannabis consumption.

Right now, anyone who admits to using cannabis at any point in their life can get slapped with a lifetime ban from America.

The Prime Minister also noted that he has "never lied to a border guard", The Globe And Mail reports.

Trudeau made the comments ahead of a visit to Winnipeg to meet with Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister.

Pallister’s government has unveiled harsh penalties surrounding cannabis. Anyone caught growing a cannabis plant will face a fine of $2542. Manitoba joins Quebec, another province which has pushed against homegrowing laws.

"The province has picked a different path and we’re going to see how we work that out," said Trudeau.

Curious to know more about cannabis and the border? We spoke with an immigration lawyer who gave us four tips to keep in mind before you head to the states.

Banner Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images


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