Judge Calls That Toronto Cop Who Ate Confiscated Marijuana Edibles ‘A Complete Idiot’

The former Constable Vittorio Dominelli has pleaded guilty to one charge of attempting to obstruct justice in association with an event involving confiscated marijuana edibles.

Both Dominelli and his partner Constable Jamie Young are facing criminal charges for attempting to obstruct justice after the two men consumed marijuana edibles they confiscated from an illicit Toronto cannabis dispensary. Dominelli, a 13-year veteran of the Toronto Police Service, pleaded guilty to the charge on Friday. The judge overseeing the case, Justice Mary Misener, called Dominelli "a complete idiot" for his irresponsible actions.

"Call it stupidity or silliness, when you interfere with evidence the impact on the justice system is just so profound," Misener said.

The charges stem from an event that happened back in January. Dominelli and Young had raided a Toronto cannabis dispensary and proceeded to each eat a full THC-infused chocolate bar. Dominelli said he initially planned to throw the bars away, but feared someone would consume them and get sick. So he just took care of that problem himself.

"After about 20 minutes, the chocolates hit me suddenly like a ton of bricks…I believed I was going to pass out," Dominelli recalled in his statement. "I started to think that the chocolate may have been laced with something because it seemed impossible that a marijuana product would have such a powerful effect."

Dominelli told the court neither him nor Young had ever tried marijuana before and "realized instantly what a stupid thing we had done" and believed that he "could die." He then made a radio call for help and both officers were taken to hospital.

Dominelli resigned from the Toronto Police Service on Wednesday and his sentence is scheduled to be handed down on November 15.

h/t The Toronto Sun


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