Jonah Hill Remembers The One Thing That Made Michael Cera Break On The Set of ‘Superbad’

Actor Jonah Hill, coming fresh off his first film as writer and director, reflects on back on his career in a new retrospective video from GQ.

He recalls working with Martin Scorsese on 2013’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, which he said was the “formative experience” of his life, and convincing Channing Tatum to join ’21 Jump Street.’

“I was like, look, women really like you, but guys think you’re a romance person. I think if you do this movie, you’ll become a giant movie star, because everyone will like you,” he said.

When it came to his breakout movie, ‘Superbad,’ he said his biggest goal throughout filming was to make his co-star Michael Cera laugh. It wasn’t as easy as he’d thought, however.

“I could never break him. He was so good,” he said. “Then one time, I just sneezed, and he started cracking up. I was trying for two months to make him laugh in a scene, and a sneeze was all it took.”

Watch Hill discuss these, as well as his other iconic film roles in the full clip below.


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