Jon Stewart Briefly Comes Out Of Hiding To Rescue Goats On New York Subway Tracks

Just a few years after leaving the incredibly popular ‘Daily Show,’ Jon Stewart has traded in his audience of mindless liberal sheep for some other, more politically ambivalent goats.

The comedian was on the ground Monday morning to assist in rescuing a pair of fugitive goats who had somehow managed to saunter onto some subway tracks in upstate New York. The runaways were quickly corralled and rescued from the closed track before being ushered onto a truck owned by the Farm Sanctuary shelter, which Stewart supports.

While all this was happening, the subway attempted to keep spirits high by tweeting out some pretty terrible puns.

Yeah, because if there’s one kind of person known for their good humor, it’s late New Yorkers.

It remains unclear where the goats came from. In a strange bit of happenstance, it's just the latest in a string of bizarre goat-related incidents.

Stewart along with his wife Tracy have been long-time advocates for animal rights, even opening an animal sanctuary on their New Jersey farm in 2015.

Of course, there is also that rumor floating around the internet that Stewart is actually a modern day Noah, gathering two of every animal in preparation for the inevitable post-Trump apocalypse.

Wait, there isn’t, you say? Well, there is now.

Check out some of the adorable footage below:


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