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Joints On Your Pillow: The Growing World Of Cannabis Tourism

The cannabis-friendly “vacation” of yesteryear was largely spent on the living room couch, far away from prying eyes and prosecution.  

With online services like Bud And Breakfast, which allow you to browse and book 420-friendly accommodations in an Airbnb-like format, today’s cannabis-friendly vacation can be spent in luxe locales across the U.S. and far beyond. And since the Nov. 8 presidential election, when the total number of states with recreational cannabis legislation leapt from four to eight, that scope has only continued to widen.

“Almost the next day [after the election], the phone started ringing,” Sean Roby, CEO of Bud And Breakfast, told Civilized. “Before the election, we probably had around 400 listings on the site… we’re now close to 800.”

Roby estimates that Bud And Breakfast now offers cannabis-friendly accommodations in roughly 25 states – “and countries all over the world”, with destinations like Jamaica and Uruguay offering the largest wealth of options for the adventurous cannabis traveller.


Bud & Breakfast, Colorado

“Cannabis tourism is just exploding all over,” said Roby. “Everything is so new and fresh and unfolding in this country right now… people are enthusiastic, and even those who aren’t even really into [cannabis] can make their yearly income renting out their places if they have an edge.”  

For some, that edge comes in the form of allowing in-house consumption or offering recommendations for dispensaries or other cannabis attractions that are within walking distance. For others, it’s providing guests with joints on their pillows or even preparing cannabis-infused meals for them. 


“I have one guy in Denver in particular who is booked out months in advance… he does it all,” said Roby, adding that this includes picking guests up from the airport in a consumption-friendly vehicle and transporting them to their lodging, where they are provided with cannabis-infused meals and even professional CBD-infused massages.

“It’s all inclusive, all things cannabis… and that’s where we are transitioning from an Airbnb model to an all-inclusive travel agency,” said Roby, who estimates that roughly 90 percent of the site’s hosts “know cannabis through and through.”

In the growing cannabis industry, and with the way travel trends are shifting, it’s never been more valuable or important to have these kinds of cannabis travel ambassadors at the ready, said Roby.

“The sharing economy has provided a whole new aspect of travel. Gone are the days of synthetic hotel rooms… this new generation of travellers wants to see things through the eyes of a local,” said Roby. “Because they’re cannabis travellers, they want to know all things cannabis in their given area… and they’re doing that by the knowledge of the host.”


Bud & Breakfast, Jamaica

Whatever form your cannabis vacation takes, Bud And Breakfast is all about “providing a safe and legal place [for cannabis travellers] to consume”, said Roby. He adds that having a platform for booking explicitly cannabis-friendly lodgings eliminates a stress factor that shouldn’t even exist on vacation.

“It takes away the awkward factor [in that] you’re not going to go to your Airbnb host and ask where you can get some marijuana,” said Roby.

“You’re going on vacation to not stress. Why should you have to feel anxiety or be looking over your shoulder when you don’t need to? We’re effectively filling that gap for people.”


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