Join Civilized, 99 High Tide and the Veterans Walk & Talk in Malibu, CA

This Sunday, January 28th in Malibu will be the Veterans Walk & Talk event presented by 99 High Tide Collective and Civilized
Veterans Walk & Talk is a community project started by veterans committed to healing with the powers of cannabis medicine and the great outdoors. Veterans Walk & Talk organizes weekly hikes where human connection and communication along with the refreshing new perspective of nature is the healing modality. 
civilized veterans walk 2
Veterans Walk and Talk founder Colin Wells has been a patient of 99 High Tide Collective since 2015 when he was homeless and living in a tent at a campground in northern Malibu. He had very bad experiences with the opioid medicine given to him by the VA which left him addicted and unable to work. Colin made a life-changing decision to find an alternative and try cannabis as medicine. At 99 High Tide Collective, Colin found knowledgeable consultants, a variety of medicine to choose from and high-quality, clean medicine that helped treat his symptoms of PTSD & addiction. Colin made a remarkable recovery and became a passionate advocate for cannabis. As Colin healed himself with cannabis, his project was birthed from an inspiration to help empower other Veterans to move away from the prescribed pharmaceuticals and explore treatment with cannabis. Veterans Walk and Talk has become a success among the community of Veterans in Los Angeles and is in the works of becoming a non-profit organization.    
99 High Tide Collective is committed to help veterans continue to find affordable, reliable, high-quality cannabis and cannabis education as they search for the unique medicine that suits their needs. 
Sunday 1/28
Meet at 99 High Tide Collective by 12pm where we will carpool to Backbone Trail for the hike.  No RSVP needed,


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