Johnny Marr Can't Stand Baseball...Unless He's Smoking Weed

Cannabis can make pretty much anything tolerable...even baseball, according to Johnny Marr. The former lead guitarist of The Smiths recently sat down with Pitchfork to offer his take on what's under and overrated in today's culture. And America's national pastime topped his overrated list.

"Baseball - totally overrated," Marr told Pitchfork, but he did enjoy watching a game once.

"One time I sat on the couch with someone - who was a big fan - and got stoned and [he] explained it to me. It was fascinating," Marr explained. "But I'm sure probably only five minutes went by and it seemed like hours, frankly. It was an interesting five minutes, [but] that probably had something to do with the weed."

Marr also weighed in on moustaches, jazz and his former bandmate Morrissey. 


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