John Oliver Plans To Flood Trump's Newsfeed With Educational Commercials

In case you haven't noticed, President Donald Trump isn't great with facts -- except the ones he's made up, like the bogus murder rate in America, unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election and even the weather on his inauguration day. Sometimes it seems like Trump is making up these stories on the fly, but John Oliver of Last Week Tonight has uncovered the basis for those "alternative facts." It seems Trump spends a good chunk of his day getting briefed by cable news shows like Morning Joe and Fox & Friends.

So to help The Donald out, Oliver has bought advertisement time on those shoes so that he can inform Trump about some important issues -- ones that he flubbed during the 2016 election, like the nuclear triad. Other topics that Oliver plans to give Trump an overdue lesson about include war crimes, the unemployment rate in America, climate change and the name of his daughter who isn't Ivanka.

Oliver plans to run the commercials on CNN, MSNBC and Fox until they're shut down. Check out the clips in the video below, which also offers some advice on vetting the news so that you don't accidentally contribute to the onslaught of misinformation that is besieging America right now.


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