If you think Donald Trump's defense of white supremacists will sink his presidency, think again. Although Trump received scathing criticism for his remarks following the fatal protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, nothing has actually happened to prevent more of these fiascos from occurring, according to John Oliver.

"The fact is after the president of the United States implied that good people were marching with Nazis, the overwhelming majority of Republicans opted not to condemn him," the 'Last Week Tonight' host said yesterday. "By our count, out of 292 Republican members of Congress, only about 54 could be bothered to unequivocally condemn Trump by name. That is less than 20 percent. And the problem with not mentioning him is that suggests that he's somehow not a key part of the problem here," he added.

And until Republicans do call Trump out, Oliver says we should expect to see a lot more mayhem from the White House.

"Although this week has repeatedly been called a turning point, I really don't see it. Because every day has felt like a turning point. We're not so much turning anymore as spinning. We are basically on a carousel that will not stop. We've vomited so much that there's nothing left to throw up. And there's just no way to get off because an unstable, race-baiting carny is operating the controls."