Video: John Oliver's Cure For Superhero Movie Fatigue

Whether you're an avid moviegoer, or someone who skims Netflix occasionally, you're probably feeling a bit worn out from the glut of superhero movies that Hollywood has been churning out lately.

"Every year, the market is flooded with superheroes," John Oliver said on a Last Week Tonight web exclusive. "Just this year, blockbusters included movies ranging from 'Mean Spider-Man' [Deadpool], to 'Sadman Versus Super Sadman' [Batman v Superman], to 'The Insane Clown Posse Takes Manhattan' [Suicide Squad]."

And next year promises even more of the same with a slew of new movies including yet another Spider-Man reboot.

But Oliver says he's figured out how to rejuvenate the tired subgenre: a blockbuster film featuring Johnny Strong, a superhero that Oliver based on himself. To be more precise, it's a superhero Oliver based on himself while in grade school. 

"By day, Johnny Strong is mild-mannered fifth grader John Olivier - no relation," Oliver said. "But from the time school lets out until dinner, he becomes the - let's say unconventionally handsome hero Johnny Strong. Johnny Strong is a kick-ass hero with a bad attitude. He's seen a boob. And he knows what the 'f-word' is. He intrepidly fights villains such as Doc Bedtime - a monster made of blankets who can magically plunge the world into total darkness."

Check out the full video for more on Johnny Strong, including illustrations made when Oliver was ten years old.


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