John Oliver Shows How Trump Has United The World In Mocking America

Of all President Trump's broken campaign promises, the one that baffles 'Last Week Tonight Host' John Oliver the most is his pledge to prevent America from being a laughingstock. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly told supporters that he would stop other countries from laughing at the United States, which is "like a flamingo in boxer shorts named Phineas J. Rocket-Dump ran for president under the slogan 'Time to Get Serious,'" according to Oliver. 

"If anything the world is laughing harder than ever before because, while all US presidents get made fun of, impersonating Trump has become an international cottage industry," Oliver added. "Israel has Trump kicking a muslim man while dancing lewdly to Guns N' Roses....And here's one from an Italian comedy show singing 'Born in the USA' on a stealth fighter before being taken out with a bucket on his head."

And that's just a small sample of the impersonators that Oliver rounded up from countries like Germany, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Taiwan, Ethiopia and Russia - where President Vladimir Putin watched a comedian mock Trump's embroilment in the Russian scandal. 

Check it out in the clip above. And for more on Trump's role as an international laughingstock, read this article from Business Insider.


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