'You Were Racist The Whole Time,' John Oliver Tells Liberal White New Yorkers

One of the hallmarks of the Civil Rights movement is in danger of backsliding. Segregated schools are on the rise in America, according to John Oliver.

"Even as our society has grown more diverse, nearly 7,000 schools have the same racial makeup as audience of your average Tyler Perry movie," he said on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight.

And the schools experiencing the most segregation aren't where you'd expect. The biggest offender isn't Alabama, Georgia or another Southern state. No, it's the state of New York.

"Oh, shit, liberal white New Yorkers," Oliver said. "Twist ending: you were racist the whole time. Put back those persimmons you bought yourself as a treat from Fairway. You don't deserve them anymore."

The problem, he says, isn't that segregation is necessarily on the rise in New York. The problem is that desegregation never really happened in the Empire State and other norther jurisdictions.

"It turns out places like New York haven't so much re-segregated as never really bothered integrating in the first place," Oliver explained. "Because the 1964 Civil Rights Act was very carefully crafted by northern lawmakers."

Check out the full feature to find out how those lawmakers wiggled out of integration and the devastating impact segregation has on young Americans of all backgrounds.


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